The fact that LGBTI people have fewer job opportunities remains an unjustifiable reality.

On the occasion of World Pride Day, we talked about the importance of diversity and inclusion in business.. To do so, we wanted to talk to those who know the reality of the LGBTI community in Spain: Júlio César Ortega, digital editor-in-chief at Harper's Bazaar Spain, and Alekai HI, secretary and general coordinator of the TransGirls Association.

Job opportunities are not equal for all. What's happening?

It seems that there is still a long and necessary way to go within companies. 

In this episode of ApambuTalks Julio highlighted that "Spanish society is suffering a setback and homophobia is growing by the minute, which is reflected in the world of work with fewer opportunities for LGBTI people". For his part, Alekai confirms this premise with national statistics, where in the transgender community alone, between 85 and 89% of people are unemployed and without the opportunity to have even had a chance to work. and without the opportunity to have had even a first job.

Why don't people in the collective have the same job opportunities as others?

There are still prejudices that prevent LGBTI people from being included within companies.

For Julio, one of the main problems is that there is a widespread social misperception of a feathered, mannered man with a lack of professionalism. "We will never see a man with a pen presenting a news programme, but we will see a man with a pen presenting an entertainment programme".

Alekai, who, in addition to managing the TransGirls association, is a member of the collective and sees and experiences labour injustices first hand, talks about the structural discrimination suffered by transgender people in particular. structural discrimination suffered by the transgender collective in particular. Where "the business fabric is not prepared to attend to diversity as it should be, and this will only be achieved with inclusive labour policies".

How should companies ensure equality and diversity that includes everyone regardless of sexual orientation or identity?

We encourage you to watch the full episode and find out how you can implement equality, diversity and inclusion strategies.

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