Data transfer

All data transfers in and out of the system are encrypted and secured by SSL (when the page is accessed via HTTPS).

The internal data transfer between system components is also all encrypted and secured with SSL.

Data storage

The data is stored in encrypted form (AES-256) in GCP (Details: y

Data protection

Database data is automatically backed up (details: daily SQL db, stored for 7 days, BigQuery: each time point, stored for 7 days)

Data processing

All data processing is done internally, we do not share any data with third parties, except:

  • Intercom (provider company that facilitates the online support we offer)

Payment processing

We use Stripe as our PCI compliant payment processor. We never store your sensitive payment information in our system.

The location of the data

Currently, all system data is stored and processed in the Google Cloud in the Europe-West Region3 (Frankfurt, Germany).

Details on data security and Google certifications: