ApambuTalks: Inclusion of people with disabilities in the business environment

Inclusion is one of the cornerstones of any serious strategy for sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Taking advantage of the fact that December 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, in #ApambuTalks we spoke with Luis Cayo Pérez Bueno, President of the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities - CERMI-.

  • What is the reality of people with disabilities in Spain?
  • How has the crisis generated by Covid19 affected them?
  • How and why can companies benefit from the talent of people with disabilities?
  • Are inclusion and diversity key to being a competitive company?
Inclusion of people with disabilities in the business environment Apambu
  • In Spain there are a little more than 4 million people with some kind of disability. It is a reality for 1 in 5 households and according to Luis "affects a greater proportion of women and people living in rural areas.
  • It is clear that COVID 19 had a greater negative impact on people with some kind of disability due to pre-existing and structural conditions that put them at a disadvantage. Higher rates of infection, effects on physical and mental health, setbacks in therapies for millions of people, unemployment, poverty and even the denial of health services.
  • On the other hand, and in relation to the attitude of companies towards people with disabilities, from CERMI's perspective "...there is still much to be done. Although steps have been taken in the right direction, the measures that have been adopted today are insufficient". Therefore, we need companies that "are a representation of society and not common places with biases that close the door to talent and the opportunity to build a more equitable and healthy society.

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