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Do you face the challenge of managing CSR for a group of companies?

Let us help you!

Apambu draws on our 15 years of experience in advising companies in Europe.

Know the state of your company from a sustainability perspective

Find out how well your company is implementing sustainability and discover your score according to the Apambu Sustainability Index.


Having a sustainability strategy ensures better results for companies

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Unify your company's sustainability information on a single platform

Manage large volumes of data at Apambu to make better decisions.

Monitor the sustainability situation of your group companies in a cross-cutting manner.

Learn first-hand about the results of your team's efforts to manage sustainability in your business group.

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Simplifies the process of complying with legal obligations

Comply with your company's legal obligations in terms of sustainability. EINF? Equality plan? We simplify everything.

Facilitates the process of reporting and verification of your reports and reports.

Quickly download reports and attach evidence to actions to facilitate the audit and verification process.

Facilitates the process of reporting and verification of your reports and reports.

Managing all aspects of sustainability with Apambu brings great benefits to companies.

Reduces costs associated with management processes

Reduces time spent on management and reporting

Making better decisions based on data and facts

Influences decision-making and budgets

Integrate and align your team with the CSR strategy and action plan.

Update and train yourself on sustainability, CSR and latest trends

Move from manual processes to automation

Aligning your CSR strategy with your company's objectives

Save time and money by managing the sustainability of your business with Apambu


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