After an assessment of the progress made in each region, the UN together with 15 of its organizations, has concluded that action must be accelerated to reach SDG by 2030. Otherwise, in the richest countries of Europe and Asia, only 23 of the 169 goals will be achieved.

The outlook looks bleak. If the countries with greater resources, means and possibilities only reach 15% of the goals, what is the outlook in poorer countries with even greater challenges?

The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe explained that the report is a "wake-up call for the region to accelerate collective action". Otherwise, the 2030 Agenda will fail.

Olga Algayerova added that there are 80 of the 169 targets for which there is not enough official data to be able to measure them properly. This is a reminder of the enormous work ahead of us to measure the complexity of sustainable development in a way that is internationally comparable.

Where do we need to focus our collective efforts to reach SDG?

The health and well-being population's health and well-being are progressing, but not enough. In the wake of the pandemic, progress towards quality public health has been slowed, especially in areas such as mental health. mental healthmental health, substance substance abuse and health workforce development.

While goals such as affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and responsible consumption are on track and likely to be achieved by 2030, other goals are totally out of reach unless policies are strengthened and action is taken to drastically change their course. These are: targets relating to economic productivityinnovation innovation and infrastructure development.

At the current rate, it is possible that most countries most countries in the region countries in the region fossil fuel subsidies to near zero by 2030. by 2030. The industrial sector is becoming progressively more energy efficient. But there are other environmental environmental issues that require tougher and more forceful action: conservation of ecosystems and biodiversityconservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, sustainable management of forests sustainable forest management, the generation and treatment of waste and the use of natural resources.

Although issues such as eradicating corruption Although issues such as eradicating corruption are making positive progress, there is still a severe task ahead in terms of reversing the increase in the number of victims of human trafficking. reversing the increase in the number of victims of human trafficking.

The areas that have been most affected as a result of Covid19

The goals of education,equal access to education, and effective learning outcomes are being severely affected as a result of schools being closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

The economic crisis caused by the pandemic has disproportionately affected women, so much that it threatens to undermine decades of progress towards gender equality and women's empowerment.

What has been strengthened with Covid19

It's not all bad news, though. The need to use technology and digitization as much as possible for remote work, has led to a major process in the objectives related to the information and communication technologies.

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