CSR Academy

CSR induction course - free

The course aims to introduce the key concepts of Social Responsibility in order to initiate the path of responsible and sustainable management of organizations.
Basic concepts of CSR will be acquired and examples of reference organizations in sustainable development will be known.

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How to integrate Agenda 2030 into organizations

This course explains what Agenda 2030 is and what the 17 SDG represent. In addition, the course assesses how the crisis caused by the COVID19 has affected organisations and what methodology companies should follow to incorporate the SDG into their business strategies arising from this new context.

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The keys to good CSR reporting

This course structures what are the ideas and basic tools to take into account to make a good reporting of non-financial information. In addition, the course is framed in the specifications of the Spanish Law 11/2018 on non-financial information and diversity and in the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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